Why NTU is good for International Students?

International Students

Indeed, the UK has become the top choice for every student seeking a higher level of education. With over 106 university choices, students get confused about choosing the best one that suits their needs. Choosing a university means you will also have to choose where you will live. For some international students, this can be a critical factor to consider, as they want to keep their expenses in control.

NTU (Nottingham Trent University) is a top choice for both local and international students for various reasons. Also, it was named the University of the Year title in 2019, and it holds many other titles to its name. It is known for its high education quality and diverse course selections. No matter what areas you want to pursue your higher education in, the NTU has 500 courses to choose from.

In this student guide, we will explain why NTU is good for international students.

Reasons Why International Students Should Consider NTU

The reason it is highly preferred for Pakistani students is because of its diverse range of student communities. It has more than 40000 students, including students from over 100 countries, which provides a friendly environment for new students to settle in. Additionally, international students get a lot more other benefits as well to pursue their education with maximum support and scholarships.

Following are all the reasons why you should prefer NTU for higher studies.

Diverse Range of Courses Selection

The university offers a wide range of course selections that students can choose according to their interests. It has multiple options such as undergraduate and post-graduate programmes short courses, distance learning, professional courses and a lot more. However, if you’re confused about what would be best for you, you can get in touch with professional education consultants in Islamabad to help you make your choice confidently.

NTU is highly known for its artificial intelligence and data science programmes but its not limited to only those. With a vast range of departments such as Journalism, Marketing, Law, Computer Science, Accounting and Finance, Engineering, and many more. With its world-leading ranked research, students can get the most out of these offered courses that are valued and recognized globally.

Post-Graduation Success

Landing the right job after graduation is a concern of every student. The NTU helps student secure their dream jobs 6 months after they graduate. The institute got these stats due to its strong and focused education system, which empowers students to get more practical experience. Furthermore, they help students to plan their careers, educate them about job interviews, and much more.

Additionally, NTU always keeps an eye on the market to evaluate what employers require. For this reason, the institute offers volunteering part-time jobs to provide students with hands-on experience. This puts their knowledge and learning into use and increases their success chances in their chosen field.

Expert Professors

The reason why this institute was able to secure many awards and titles was because of its industry-expert teaching staff. The university also secured the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) award in 2017, considering its teaching and high-quality learning system. It provides students with in-depth knowledge about their particular field by giving them the chance to explore their majors.

Difficulties faced by international students while learning is an important concern for NTU. That’s why they are focused on best practices to teach students and make it less overwhelming. Furthermore, in 2018, the student survey showed that the institute was able to achieve 88% student satisfaction considering teaching style.

Vast Range of Student Communities

With students from over 100 countries, NTU definitely is the top choice for international students. While thinking about studying abroad, most students find the environment and cultural factors as the drawbacks. The institute addresses this concern and provides a supportive environment to help every new student adjust.

With diverse student communities, they can choose from over 100 student societies, considering their hobbies and areas of interest. With this flexibility, you can easily get out of overwhelming emotions that are triggered by moving to a different country. This allows students to pursue their education without suffering from home-sickness or any other negative emotions.

Ease of Accommodation

Studying abroad also comes with a common concern of accommodation. Fortunately, international students can choose in-house accommodation offered by the institute itself. It has multiple options, such as shared houses, halls of residence, and more. In-house facilities help international students save the expenses used on transportation to reach the campus.

With its convenience, it can be a cost-effective option for international students to get the best learning experience. This also gives students the chance to bond with fellow students by staying under the same roof. However, if you’re still unsure about your accommodation, you can refer to education Consultants in Islamabad to give you the best accommodation solution according to your preference.

How Can You Get Admission In NTU?

Take all the overwhelming admission procedures part away, and let experts give you the plan you need to study at NTU. Get in touch now and enroll yourself in your preferred program without any delays.