Umrah for the Disabled: Accessibility and Support for Pilgrims with Disabilities

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Performing Umrah is not a very easy process for every Muslim. Some healthy Muslims refer to Umrah planning and preparation well in advance. On the other hand, aside from practice, Muslims who are disabled may encounter challenges. But there’s no obvious that a healthy person can achieve anything he sets in his mind.

If you are disabled, or you are travelling with some disabled pilgrim, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. From transporting a wheelchair to making reservations for disabled passengers after booking Umrah packages, you must notify your airline in advance. So, in this article, we will discuss some Umrah flight tips for people with disabilities to make their journey memorable. This article can act as a gem, so don’t let it be ignored. Just take it as a blessing and read until the end.

Umrah for the Disabled: Accessibility and Support for Pilgrims with Disabilities

  • Firstly, book your Umrah flight in advance
  • It would be best if you arrived at the airport early for Umrah
  • Don’t forget a wheelchair if it’s necessary
  • Bring a copy of your disability certificate
  • Be patient and take breaks
  • Choose a reliable and suitable transportation for disabled people

Firstly, book your Umrah flight in advance:

Booking a flight is necessary for everyone to travel to Saudi Arabia, whether disabled or healthy. You must contact a reliable travel agency to book your flight quickly. Otherwise, you may face difficulties. You must also book a flight for the disabled person if you accompany them on their trip. This is when you give all your information to the concerned airline about your disability, oxygen, medical supplies, etc. Then, the airline will allow you to take some actions depending on your information.

It would be best if you arrived at the airport early for Umrah:

Typically, people reach the airport 1.5 to 2 hours before their flight. But it’s recommended that disabled persons get to the airport early, like 3 hours before, as you may need exceptional help to reach the destination. So, to avoid losing your Umrah flight, get to the airport early. Imagine your residential distance to the airport and calculate the reaching point.

Don’t forget a wheelchair if it’s necessary:

Wheelchairs can be necessary for disabled persons. And it plays a significant role for them. However, there are some wheelchair instructions which are given by the airlines that you must have to follow. It would be best to inform the airline that you use a wheelchair. Your concerned travel agent can do it. Afterwards, the airline will give you some guidelines for using a wheelchair. You can also use a customized wheelchair, depending on your airline policy, from which you book your flight.

Here are some guidelines:

  • While passing the airport gate, the gate agent will check your agent with your luggage.
  • While boarding, a wheelchair attendant will help you reach the airline and transfer you to the seat.
  • The airline person will keep your wheelchair in the cabin if it’s foldable and meets the airline’s size and weight.
  • Sometimes, the airline gives you a wheelchair on board and on the flight.

Bring a copy of your disability certificate:

Your disability certificate will become necessary in many situations. Sometimes you have to show that certificate at the airport. During on-board, check-in, getting the flight, and other conditions, a certificate of disability will become essential. It’s the document that shows you have a lot of rights while travelling. So, always remember what to bring.

Note: You can choose the customized Umrah Packages 2023 if you want extra services for disabled people.

Be patient and take breaks:

Taking breaks is very beneficial for people with disabilities. Travelling can be stressful and hesitant for disabled people, so you should remain patient and take breaks. Remain your patient with airline staff and others. An uncertain condition can occur when disabled people may face difficulty while communicating. So you must be careful with these circumstances.

Choose a reliable and suitable transportation for disabled people:

You will see many transportation options available for pilgrims in Mecca and Medina. For disabled pilgrims, there can be special transportation like taxis, wheelchair transport, etc. But the thing is always to choose the most suitable vehicle if you are travelling with disabled pilgrims. It would be best to care for them more than expected because they need more attention.

Travelling is simple once you carefully prepare for it. It can become a good and enjoyable act whether you are disabled or normal. Remember to follow the rules of the airline when you travel. You can make the most of your journey by following the tips discussed.