Top 5 Aggregators to Embed Social Media Feeds on any Website

embed social media feed on website

Technological advancements have taken a huge toll on brands in keeping up with the trends. There is always something where the businesses are lagging in. This not only creates a lot of pressure for brands but also hampers their growth. While these advancements provide a lot of opportunities, keeping up with the market is still a difficult task. 

However, to solve the issue of embedding social media feeds on website there are social media aggregators. Social Media Aggregators are tools that allow users to curate various feeds from different social media platforms in a single frame. There are various tools you can choose from, providing you the option to make social walls, social media feed widgets, and much more. 

The most commonly used feature is the Widget. Brands develop social media widgets to embed them in their websites. These widgets are highly responsive and can be embedded anywhere on the website. This also helps your website look amazing, improving your visitor’s website experience. 

Nowadays there’s an app or a website for every problem you face. Before you think to yourself here’s another social media, let me inform you how social media aggregators can be pretty helpful. If your brand does not use one, you might want to check these out. We have curated a list of the top 5 tools you can use, most tools offer you a free trial to check which tool is the most useful to help you make an informed decision.

Here are the top 5 Social Media Aggregator Tools

1. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is one of the best tools offering a variety of features. This is used by global brands like IKEA, OnePlus, Marvel, L’Oreal, etc. One of the features Taggbox provides is social media aggregation, brands have the option to curate, customize, moderate, and display their social media feeds virtually anywhere like websites, social ads, print media, digital screens, etc. Taggbox Widget makes it easy for users to collect, curate, and publish social media content. This platform has a lot of features giving its users control over their content, design, style, and moderation. 

One of its unique features is that all of Taggbox’s layouts are highly responsive, allowing you to display your content on any device. For eCommerce websites, Taggbox offers shoppable galleries. Tagbox offers a 14-day Free-Trial after which paid options to start from $24 per month. 

2. EmbedSocial

The EmbedSocial sells itself as a full-house UGC platform serving more than 100,000 users in gathering and displaying user-generated content. EmbedSocial shares official API integrations with various social media platforms. They create products and then synchronized the UGC of their customers to their website. It can collect all the content from photos to videos.

This platform offers a free trial period offering Instagram services like hashtag feeds, moderation of feed, customization of feed, and then their paid plans start from $29 per month. 

3. is a platform offering you to showcase your UGC in any way you wish. You can utilize this platform to transform your content into sales magnets. You can use Call-to-Action buttons to develop a sense of urgency in customers. There are customization options to make your feed appear as per your requirements and a moderation feature using which you have full control over what your visitors see. 

This platform is not the cheapest option, offering a free trial period, pricing starts from $249 per month. 

4. Juicer

Juicer offers its services to more than 5,000 businesses. Any business be it small or large can use Juicer for their brand growth. You have the freedom to connect 15 accounts from various social media platforms/ You can use Juicer to collect content like visuals, posts, hashtags to create your very own personalized feed. If you wish to showcase your powerful social media presence, Juicer can be of great use. 

These platforms provide you with a variety of options like customization and moderation features. Where you can change the layout of your feed, edit the background color, font, style, etc. You also have full control over what your users see. They have a free trial period after which Juicer charges $19 per month. 


TINT portrays itself as the User-generated Content expert. Companies like Nike, Marriott, and LinkedIn have put their faith in TINT. You have the option to deliver authentic content in high volume and reach out to a massive audience. TINT has a powerful moderation feature enabling you to ensure you are displaying the most relevant content. You also have the power to request and obtain rights within the tool.

You have the freedom to customize and moderate your content to make sure it lines up with your brand guidelines. TINT does not disclose its pricing options on its website, however, you can put in a request directly on its website to get the prices.

Final Thoughts!

No brand will invest even $5 in a tool if they do not understand why that tool is necessary for their business. Before investing in a social media aggregator you have the option to go through the entire tool during their trial period to make sure you are making an informed decision. The profanity filter is one of the most important things to take care of before sharing user-generated content as some of the content might use profanity which can reflect badly on your business even if it is uploaded by someone else.

Check out all the templates and other designing features, use them and make a large number of social walls using any of the tools you like to understand why these tools are important. Some of the major reasons to use these tools include their responsiveness and interactivity. You can showcase authentic UGC on various platforms in unique and effective ways to grow your brand, generate sales, and improve conversion rates.