Top 10 Women’s Clothing Wholesale Skills

Women's Clothing

Women’s clothing wholesale, must have certain skills. Here are the top ten women’s clothing wholesale skills based on my own actual experience. Buy women clothing and never miss to use the ASOS nhs discount code


Make a purchase plan before departure


This is very important. There is a saying in Sun Tzu’s Art of War: everything is established in advance, and if it is not foreseen, it will be abandoned. It seems that before doing anything, there must be a plan and a plan. Women’s clothing wholesale is no exception.

It is very important to plan before purchasing. Before purchasing, you must make a detailed plan for what you want to buy this time, what style, what price, what size, and the budget for this purchase, or at least you have to know these things. In this way, when you arrive at the wholesale clothing market, you will not be like a headless fly. 

Get ready before departure

When you go to the women’s clothing wholesale market to buy goods, it is also very important to wear them. Don’t wear too formal and gorgeous clothes.

Casual casual clothes are better. Purchasing tools are also essential, any black plastic bags, small trailers, anything. Don’t underestimate these tools, it can make you look more professional (professional sourcing, not retail) and make wholesalers look at you differently!

Take good care of the delivery time

Everyone knows that well-known women’s clothing wholesale markets like Guangzhou and Hangzhou have very early business hours.

They are usually full before 5 am, and some even open around 3 am. . Especially in the wholesale of women’s clothing, if it is late, the good and popular styles are probably gone. Therefore, figuring out the business hours of the target women’s clothing wholesale market and arriving in advance will save a lot of trouble

Guaranteed to have plenty of stamina and energy

If the physical strength is not good, the human sensory organs are prone to change, and the resolution of good and bad goods is reduced. In addition, for example, there is anxiety, and the “quick death” mentality of wanting to finish as soon as possible when picking up the goods is obvious.

This will greatly increase the chances of getting bad goods. In addition, the clothing wholesale market is usually crowded with people. If you have a large package of goods, you will not be able to do it without a certain amount of physical strength and energy.

Therefore, it is not only necessary to have a good rest the night before to ensure sufficient energy, but it is also necessary to have breakfast before departure.

 Never check your product at a wholesale store

When you mention the goods, you only need to check the quantity, and usually go back and find that there is a problem with the product and then ask for a replacement (of course, it is not too far from the time of purchase).

If you squat in the wholesale store to order the goods after picking up the goods, the wholesalers will think that you are a very troublesome customer, so they are reluctant to deal with you for a long time. Moreover, there are many people in the general clothing wholesale market. If you check your products slowly, won’t it affect people’s business.

 It is best to identify a fixed partner

In fact, it is not necessarily an advantage to be able to go to the wholesale clothing market to purchase goods often.

Especially in the wholesale of women’s clothing, the styles of clothing change too quickly, coupled with the eyes of the store owner, the cooperation of the wholesalers and many other factors, the cost of purchasing goods in the clothing wholesale market is also very high.

Therefore, if you can fix several wholesalers to cooperate and follow their products, the risk will be reduced a lot, and long-term cooperation can also bring discounts in terms of price and after-sales. This depends on the evaluation and inspection of many wholesalers when purchasing goods at ordinary times.

Follow the principle of multiple types of purchases in small quantities

To get the goods, you need more types and fewer pieces, and follow the purchasing principle of “multiple types, small batches”, which can effectively avoid the backlog of goods and make your own promotional activities more diversified.

Moreover, the probability of exchanging goods with wholesalers is also low, which will give wholesalers a good impression and is conducive to long-term cooperation. Get sports direct discount code

 It is best to diversify the purchase channels

This is the same as “don’t put your eggs in one basket”. It is best for women’s clothing store owners to diversify their purchase channels, which can not only diversify their products, but also reduce the cost of single-channel suppliers. some irresistible risks.

For example, now that the online market is relatively developed, you can also consider purchasing goods online. One more channel means more competitiveness.

 Shop around, don’t rush


This truth, needless to say, is a wholesaler of women’s clothing, presumably no one does not know. Shopping around will not only allow you to find clothes with high cost-effectiveness, but also increase the persuasiveness of your “bargaining” (then whoever has the same style will sell X yuan). This is also a performance of you out of the clothing rookie.

Choose the correct size and color of clothing

When wholesale women’s clothing, it is necessary to choose the correct size and color of the clothes. Don’t take any size, any color. Learn to sell medium and small sizes, so that your business will get better and better, and a woman with a good figure will look good in everything she wears.

The color should match the style of your clothing store. Although most women’s clothing wholesale markets require customers to get the goods in the same color and size, they would rather be more expensive than overwhelm the goods that are not suitable for them.