Ostend Shopping Scene: 5 Local Boutiques for your Retail Therapy

Ostend Shopping Scene: 5 Local Boutiques for your Retail Therapy

Looking for a new outfit? Some bespoke skincare? Some beautiful shoes to take home and show off? Shopping in Ostend is a treat. You’ll find many brand names and chain stores alongside some incredible boutiques in Ostend, perfect for a little retail therapy. Take your bags back to the stylish and comfortable Leopold Hotel Ostend so you can admire and try on what you bought before heading out for more! We’re centrally located within a couple of minutes walk to many great stores and boutiques. Book your stay on our website to enjoy our best available rates, leaving more money for shopping!


You’ve never seen style until you’ve visited Brut, a new concept store in Ostend. They are hailed as a vintage boutique and exotic plant shop and a haven for underground designers and unusual fashion. Owners Jacqueline and Hadrien have poured their love for fashion, plants, and designer objects into an imaginative and inspirational shop. They have curated a collection of vintage designer fashion, exotic plants, home decoration objects and extravagant items for you to admire and take home. You’ll find designers such as Dior. Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood and so many more in this treasure trove of rare and unique fashion.


Glinterio is more than a shop, it’s an experience. Located in the Belle Epoque quarter of Ostend, within walking distance of the beach, this unique interiors store is the perfect place to pick up something unique for your home. They have a carefully chosen selection of furniture, lighting solutions, carpets, curtains, fabrics & more and are available, at the moment, by appointment only. Glinterio only stocks brands of top quality and originality with rare pieces you won’t find anywhere else. They have excellent customer service, often stopping for a coffee with their customers to establish their wants and needs. It’s a one-of-a-kind brand and a must-visit for interior design lovers.


If you love the idea of visiting a bridal boutique but can’t afford the inflated prices, LUV Bridal is for you. They are a shop for fashion, style, and glamour lovers, who want to have money left at the end of the shopping day to spend on their actual wedding! They help you find your bridal outfit in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere with something for every kind of bride from contemporary to traditional. They cater to all types of ceremonies from traditional and civil to destination weddings. During an appointment, you’ll have a one-on-one chance to try on different shapes and styles of wedding outfits with the help of their team so you can say yes to the dress without the huge price tag.


Cycling is a popular pastime in Belgium and especially in Ostend. One of the best places to pick up cycling accessories is the stylish Vive le Vélo shop or VLV as it’s known to locals. They have a brand-new shop on Adolf Buylstraat, just five minutes from our Ostend Hotel. You’ll find a great selection of bike-related fashion and accessories ideal for lovers of cycling or to take home as gifts. Vive le Vélo makes extremely conscious choices in terms of production considering the production process, the fabrics from which the clothing is made and the labour conditions of the workers. The team are friendly and happy to make recommendations.


The Skin Company is the newest unique beauty experience store in Ostend. Everyone’s skin is different and so everyone deserves a bespoke experience and advice. Lindsay and Cédric, the owners, stock a wide range of skincare brands for men and women and pass on their expertise and knowledge for a unique individual experience. They stock skin, hair, makeup and wellness products and can help pick what’s right for you. The Skin Company stocks brands such as RainPharma, Medik8, Philip Martin’s, MEN3, The Grey Men’s Skincare, Morgan’s, Nomige, Emma Health, GLOV and more.


Shopping in Ostend is elevated by an overnight stay at Leopold Hotel. Book our best available rates on our website.


Author Bio: Katie McGarr is a resident writer for Leopold Hotel Ostend, a lovely boutique hotel housed in a unique Art Deco building and located in the heart of Ostend City. When she’s not making art, you can find her writing inspiring articles about travel, food, and cultural appreciation.