IOS Vs Android Game Development – Which One Is Best?

IOS Vs Android Game Development

In terms of development methods, both iOS and Android game development can be made using web services and cloud computing services like Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

However, developing for iOS uses a slightly more flexible environment since you can use XCode playgrounds as a development tool instead of a simulator. Plus, you can use Swift or Objective-C as your primary programming languages with no hardware limitations. 

On the other hand, Android uses Java as its primary programming language with hardware restrictions based on the device manufacturers. 

In addition, it has less access to Google Play’s marketing tools compared to Apple’s marketing options for iPhone apps.

Hello everyone, In this post, I will guide you on which one is best for your game app i.e iOS and Android Game Development.

Without wasting your time, Let’s get started:

Guide To iOS Game Development

iOS game development is an industry where creativity and technology meet to produce extremely successful apps and games. Essentially, this is a booming field for anyone with the right skills. 

Developers can make money by creating apps and games for Apple’s popular mobile operating system. Creating an app or game for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch can be a fun and lucrative hobby or profession.

How To Develop Games On iOS

To develop an app or game for iOS, developers need to understand the hardware they are creating for. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus use the Apple A8 processor with 64-bit architecture. The newest versions of the iPad use the latest version of Apple’s A8X processor with 64-bit architecture as well. 

Other hardware features that need to be considered include screen resolution, camera capabilities, RAM, battery life, storage size, connectivity options, and more. Since each device has different specifications that need to be considered, planning ahead is essential for a successful iOS game development project.

Apple provides website or app developers with easy access to create iOS games using their favorite web browsers or apps in tandem with Xcode tools. 

Alternatively, apps developed in Objective-C can be used with Xcode tools for Android development via Appcelerator Developer accounts. 

Anyone can easily create games using web browsers such as Safari; however these are not technically “iOS games” per se since users do not interact with them on their iPhones/iPads via these devices themselves.

Guide To Android Game Development

Android Games have become a popular form of entertainment since they first became accessible to the general public over 100 years ago. 

Currently, the gaming industry generates billions of dollars annually and provides jobs for thousands of people worldwide. Android games are computer programs that are played on a tablet or phone using Google’s operating system. 

Games can be developed using a wide range of programming languages and art resources. After developers determine what kinds of games to make, they must analyze markets to find out which ones will accept their creation and how best to promote it.

How To Develop Games On Android

Android is the operating system used in most Android game development platforms and is based on a Linux kernel with Google’s services running on it. 

Most mobile game development languages require programming skills, which are taught in high school computer science classes. 

Students typically learn Java first, followed by other programming languages such as C++, Python, and Swift during their Android game development education. 

Android game development solutions also demand 3D modeling skills as well as 2D animation for characters, environments, and menus. 

These elements are created using 3D modeling applications such as Autodesk 3ds Max or Maya followed by texturing using 3D rendering programs like Vray or Catia V5. 

After creating all elements needed for the game, developers must optimize their projects so they run smoothly on lower-end devices without lag or slowdown.

Features Of iOS Game Development

Designing an iOS game is a complex process that involves thinking through how users want to play your app. To do this effectively, it’s essential to plan how characters move around a 2D plane while interacting with 3D objects in a 2D environment— such as walking into objects or jumping over obstacles. 

You should also think up ways for players to interact with the characters. During gameplay using custom controls or third-party accessories. Such as guns or vehicles they can use to defeat enemies or solve complex puzzles in the game world. 

To appeal to players’ interests, it’s also advisable to include timely references or humor in your game. So it feels current or humorous at times.

Depending on the type of game you are creating, you may also want to define what happens if multiple players are playing together at once. Such as cooperating instead of competing against each other in defeating enemies or solving puzzles together in levels. 

With these features in mind when developing an iOS game. It becomes easier for designers and developers alike to create fun entertainment for Apple users everywhere.

Features Of Android Game Development

Android games are developed with Android’s native APIs and third-party game engines. Such as Unity or Unreal Engine 4 which use third-party code to enhance game performance and quality. 

Native APIs allow developers to save device resources, such as battery life and memory space, without compromising. Gameplay quality due to resource constraints on mobile devices. 

These Native APIs also avoid switching processors during gameplay. Since they run directly on the GPU or processor depending on the configuration of the device being used. 

Native support is required on all real devices used for testing since switching processors. During gameplay can cause crashes or bugs in the finished product.

Games run primarily on mobile devices using real mobile operating systems. Like iOS or Android which requires expertise in developing for this platform class. As well as real-life testing strategies required for any online game. 

An important factor when developing any kind of gaming application is having an appropriate development environment. Such as Apple’s Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows operating systems with drivers installed for mobile GPU hardware acceleration. 

A good example of this would be Google’s internal company Lazer Game Lab which uses Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Along with Apple hardware when devising new gaming innovations.

Final Words

Ultimately it comes down to what each developer values most since all platforms have their pros and cons. When it comes to making mobile games. 

For example, both iOS and Android provide secure platforms for game development solutions— however, this does tend to impact how viable your game is for players’ devices and whether you will recuperate your dev investment through app store sales. 

In addition, paid apps are an option on both platforms. But the cut taken by Apple makes it difficult for independent developers without huge resources. Whatever platform a developer chooses, the best approach is always finding ways around potential negatives. So that players receive an enjoyable experience.