How to Find the Perfect Jeans for Your Body Type

Have you ever walked into a clothing store and left with the wrong pair of pants? It’s easy to do when you don’t know what you’re doing! With the many different styles, cuts, and fabrics today, finding the perfect pair of jeans can feel more like work than shopping should.

Don’t worry. You’re not the only one! While your friends have found the perfect pair, you might think no team exists for you. But there are many different shapes and sizes, so don’t give up.

We took our favorite jeans from Jeanswest women’s jeans and photographed them on various body types so you can see how they look on every body type, no matter what style, color, or size you’re looking for!

Curvy Body Type

If you’re curvy, it can seem like finding jeans that fit is impossible. But that’s not true! It’s just a matter of finding jeans with a higher waistband, and some stretch is just a matter of finding jeans. Get a pair of high-waisted, wide-leg jeans; they’ll make your legs look longer and slimmer.

Straight-leg jeans are typically easier to find than other styles. We Straight leg jeans usually work well for my body type since there’s more room in the leg opening and less fabric on my hips, so they don’t bunch up when you sit down or get too tight when walking around. Bootcut jeans are to regular straight cut, except the opening is more boot-shoot-shaped helps if you want your pants to stay on without feeling constricting around your calf muscles.

Rectangle Body type

 If your shape is rectangular, you have a proportionately wide waistline and narrow hips. You should wear bootcut jeans for the perfect look.  The cut helps emphasize your wider lower body by curving below the knee in a slight bell shape.

Avoid skinny jeans as they make your legs appear thinner while drawing attention to any weight that might be packed on your stomach or thighs. Look for jeans with elastic at the waistband so they fit comfortably over your giant torso and give you an hourglass silhouette.

Hourglass Body Type

If you’re an hourglass shape, your body type is characterized by a smaller waist and fuller hips. This shape is considered to be the classic feminine silhouette.

The best jeans for this body type accentuate your curves and have a bit of stretch to accommodate your curvy hips. Boot-cut jeans work well for this type because they don’t highlight your rear end as much as other cuts.

Pear Body Type

You know you’re a pear when your body shape resembles an hourglass with a narrower waist and wider hips. The best way to find jeans that fit is to choose styles that skim your curves and have a close-fitting top.

Bootcut jeans are also flattering because they help balance proportions by adding volume at the hemline. And remember, don’t be afraid of stretch denim! It will hug you in all the right places while giving you enough room to move around.

Inverted Triangle Body type

If you have an inverted triangle body type, you have a tiny waist and larger hips and thighs. This is also known as apple-shaped. You need jeans that fit your hips and butt. If they’re too tight in the waist, they’ll cut into your stomach and cause discomfort.

Try on jeans a size different from what you usually wear because they should be a bit looser in those areas.

Apple Body type

For apple body types, it’s essential to find jeans that fit snugly around your hips and thighs. They should also be hemmed at a length that is neither too long nor too short.

The front pockets should sit higher up on your waist so they don’t accentuate any stomach bulge you might have. Skinny jeans are best avoided unless you want a more tailored look.

Straight body type

A straight body type is usually defined as a body with no curves. A straight body type has an hourglass figure, but these curves are in opposite directions, such as a small bust and hips wide enough to balance the waist.

Straight-bodied people have difficulty finding jeans because they need something that will taper in at their widest point. The most common jeans for this body type are bootcut and flare styles.

 Bootcut jeans typically come right below or above the knee, while flare jeans sit on or below your hips. The main difference between these two styles is that bootcut jeans have less fabric around the calves and flare jeans tend to be baggier around your calf area.


Try on as many different styles as possible before making your final decision. If you have difficulty finding your perfect pair of jeans, consider shopping at a store specializing in denim, or just head into the dressing room with an open mind and decide what looks best on you. Remember, there is more than one body type out there, so it’s essential to keep going until you find your perfect fit!