AC Problems Solved by HVAC Contractors in Athens GA

HVAC Contractors

Clients planning to hire HVAC contractors in Athens, GA, should look into a few things. The most important of all factors to look into is the issues AC and heating problems they can resolve. It is important to note what issues these contractors can solve to make the right decision.

Serious Issues HVAC Contractors in Athens GA can Solve

How can the contractors ensure that the HVAC problems can be solved? These companies have trained and experienced staff, the appropriate tools, and products to ensure that the issues will be quickly resolved. The HVAC companies will ensure that they solve the problems mentioned below.

The HVAC Filters are Clogged

When the HVAC filters are not properly cleaned in months or weeks, they can get blocked by dust, dirt, and even small insects. The staff is trained in using cleaning tools to remove dirt, dead insects, and dust from the filters.

Failure in the Working of the Thermostat

The thermostat is a vital part of the heating and AC system. The HVAC repair company in Athens, GA, will inspect it for any faults. They will clean it to ensure that the issue is resolved. If not, then they have to replace the thermostat.

Issues in the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor condenser has to be given special attention because it will disable the working of the indoor unit. Trees and grass surround the outdoor unit, and bushes shed during the autumn. The HVAC staff at companies like Superior Air Management will provide maintenance and cleaning services for the outdoor unit.

Installation of a New HVAC Unit

There can be several reasons for installing a new HVAC system. These include the outdated unit, which has outlived its life, and the damage is to the extent that repairing has no effect. The installation team will assess everything and then install a new unit.

The problem in Maintaining the right Refrigerants Level

Sometimes the refrigerants level decreases because they are insufficient. But on other occasions, damage to the HVAC system can also cause the level to drop. The Athens GA HVAC companies staff will inspect the whole system for damages before providing the right solution.

Improper Distribution of Air

There can be several reasons for the improper distribution of air. These include dirty or blocked filters, and the duct system and ventilation are not cleaned. These will create obstructions that will lead to uneven distribution of air.

Incorrect HVAC Size Installed

Some clients insist on installing a more extensive HVAC system because they think a larger HVAC unit will be more efficient. But sometimes the opposite happens, and the heating and AC units don’t work because their size is inappropriate.

The Coils are Dirty or Damaged

There are two sets of coils in your HVAC unit; one is in the condenser unit that regulates the temperature, and the other is in the duct system and indoor unit. The HVAC contractors in Athens, GA, will find the issue in these coils and then repair or clean the damages.

These are the critical issues that HVAC contractors will solve with different services.

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